Generally, captioning services are widely sought by filmmakers, businessmen, educationalist etc. Videos have become the order of the day as the role played by audios in various sectors have been replaced by videos. Video calling is a classic example for this change over. Starting from entertainment to education videos are playing an unavoidable role.

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A deep thought on this transition will enable us to understand that it is yet another change in the means of communication. But on a second thought, the people who are hearing impaired are clearly left out and they are hardly benefitted through videos. This is where captioning comes into play, it opens new doors for such disabled people to get entertained, educated and enlightened. Though it seems easy and simple, it requires talented professionals to get the task done at right pace at the right time.

Vanan Online Services has been providing exceptional captioning services for several years. We have gained an enormous trust among the top firms as we have collaborated with giants like Netflix in the past. We treat all files in the same manner and give them equal attention with no partiality. Be it a feature film or a minute long commercial ad, we invest the same amount of dedication & hard work. Vanan is also well known for its unlimited list of customizations, we provide the output in the format requested by the client with no alteration.

Clients also have the option of choosing closed captioning, open captioning or subtitling based on their requirement. Backed by the latest technology and talented professionals we assure that the completed project will reach you before you know it.

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The main USP of our service is the unlimited choice of languages. No other captioning services this many options in terms of languages. We are the only company to offer foreign language captions to a different foreign language video. (i.e) we are capable of providing Spanish captions to a Chinese video. So the burden of hiring more than two companies for the translation purpose has been eliminated.

So you can vouch on our company without a doubt and we promise to deliver only the best quality captions to you.


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